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Hello! I’m Crystal Willis

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the internet. The short version of my story is that I left my corporate Fortune 500 job in 2016 to pursue my purpose and freedom and haven’t looked back. In my journey as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned to own my personal story, heal my life, and show others how to reinvent themselves and create an impact by being seen.

I’m a trauma survivor and former Celebrity Publicist who now focuses on helping creatives, entrepreneurs and women to take their influence and authentic joy to new levels.

We’re all trying to find our place in the world

I got my first job in entertainment marketing in 2005 at ESPN. Passionate about the arts, I built an long resume working with major brands, start-ups and celebrities. I knew there had to be more beyond working for someone else’s dream and Hollywood red carpets.

I desired a life of freedom, joy and purpose

Leaving the security of a corporate job, going through a divorce, and risking it all for the promise of a brighter future, I took the leap. I began to explore the pain behind my past traumas, as I struggled to make my dreams come to reality.

I accepted that despite trying to fit in all my life and please people, I was made to stand out. I was more than a Publicist, more than a divorced Wife, more than a victim of assault. I had the power to not only help build businesses and brands, but the power to heal, inspire and transform. I looked homelessness dead in the eye and decided to go ALL IN.

Within the next three years, I built a successful business, traveled the world and began the coaching side of my business. I decided to show up in the world as my true authentic self, and focus on helping others to shift their mindset and breakthrough limiting beliefs so they can bring their gifts to the world.

We all have a story. My stories of empowerment have been seen in major media across various mediums in outlets like Marie Claire, Sheen Magazine, Medium, Blaze TV, PBS, and many more.


I believe we’re all limitless co-creators. I believe our stories can transcend any of our limitations and truly make an impact.


I believe resilience is born from courage. Courage comes from the heart. When we approach our fears with love, courage and resilience are a natural result.


You were made to stand out, not to fit in. Your story is unique, and no matter what obstacles you’ve faced, you can make your stories your footstool.

Birth-Mom and Bullying Survivor

I’m a birthmother from rape at the age of 14. I’ve battled grief, low self-esteem and depression and anxiety as the result of trauma and bullying for a hereditary disorder, Lipedema.

Boss Lady & Influencer

I’ve stepped fully into my purpose as a Story Alchemist, brand consultant and coach. I work with corporations as well as those just starting out.

Healer & Light Worker

I harnessed my power and healed my life by shifting my stories. Self-care is my number one priority, and helping others to know their worth and design their dream life.