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Why I Made a Career Change Pivot Before Turning 40

I Decided to Leave My Hollywood Career

After nearly 20 years working primarily as a marketing professional and “Hollywood Publicist,” I recently made a decision to pivot deeper into transformational coaching for trauma survivors, corporate women and women entrepreneurs. I deeply desired to discover a renewed sense of purpose, and make an impact beyond my work in entertainment. Making this shift at the age of 38 felt super scary. What if people don’t accept this new me, and what if I give it 100% and fall flat on my face?

Ultimately, I decided the risks of going after my true happiness were worth it. Before I could make the big leap from finding my validation in service-based work, I needed to slow down. Also, I recently lost my dear Mother to cancer. Following my intuition, I made a decision to leave the city of Los Angeles that I called home, dust off my passport, and recommit to the dream that has me leave my 9 to 5 in the first place.

First things first. I needed to allow myself space and time to rest, grieve and recalibrate. For a few years, I’ve been diving into energetics, healing modalities, universal laws, emotional intelligence, and personal development. Putting it into practice, I found myself feeling all my feelings as I made a pit stop at a family member’s house for the early part of the summer.

I used to think my importance lay in which celebrity I’d worked with, which VIP party I’d gained access to, or how many plaques I had hanging in the studio. I realized this was nothing more than seeking validation outside of myself, when everything I needed to make my dreams a reality lived inside of me.

I realized in my journey of unpacking the unfulfillment with my career, that none of the external validation mattered. There’s nothing you HAVE to achieve. There is no degree or certification, amount of money, or popularity and clout that will make you feel important enough. You already are. You are worthy, just because you are.

Trust that where you’re at in life is okay.

Perhaps it’s time to accept where you’re at in life. Let’s be honest, the growth and challenges are all a part of the journey. Really, the point is to enjoy the journey and experience love. Often, we believe the answer to getting ahead is to do more and strive harder. What if the answer to seeing progress toward your dreams was simply, doing less?

Somedays, I just need to lay in bed, practice deep breathing, or talk to no one. I’ve found that the times I allow myself to step back and acknowledge how I am feeling in the moment are so POWERFUL. Instead of pushing yourself to work harder, lean into the path of least resistance. What would it look like if you allowed yourself to nurture and sit with the part of you that is frustrated, and truly listen to what “he/she/they” are trying to tell you? Isn’t it possible, that slowing down to regroup could actually be the next strategic move?

Remember, the point is Love. Come back to your WHY.

Loving others starts with loving you. I believe in life, much of the point is to experience the pain and pleasure of loving and being loved. If we can for a moment, expand our context, let’s think outside of romantic love and lean into loving ourselves and others as Humans.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Being human is sometimes scary, heartbreaking, exhausting, and painful. Then sometimes it’s joyful, curious, blissful, and peaceful.

What if the love you needed at this moment is to really listen to your heart, and start taking steps to move in that direction?

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